Angela 'Angie' Ashford (jailbaitangela) wrote in residentevilneo,
Angela 'Angie' Ashford

Resident Evil Extinction RPG

The Umbrella Corporation Pharmaceuticals had been life savers. Their cures for diseases and new technologies are widely known. But what is not known to many is that they have a deadly and fatal secret. Five years ago Umbrella had sent in its crack team specialists to infiltrate an underground facility known as The Hive. The team that went in, never came out. Alice Abernathy however…was the only remaining survivor. They did something to her, changed her. And she began to fight the corporation back, all over again.

Five years later, after Raccoon had been sanitized to nothing but ash, the world remains lifeless, desert-like and empty. The T-Virus hadn’t been destroyed by just a mere explosion, no. It spread like wild fire. The earth still roams with the carriers of the T-Virus, and even sometimes if you’re quiet enough…you can hear survivors. But don’t worry, they’ll be dead by the time you reach them.

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