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Looking for Resident Evil Rpers

Are any of you out there into roleplaying characters from Resident Evil? Perhaps you've always wanted to, but never had a place to do it? Or maybe you've always had a secret crack!pairing you've supported and always kind of wanted to have a way to play it out with someone else? Chaos Unraveled is looking for Resident Evil characters - good, bad, or dead - and we're a RPG community focused on having fun with individual character plots. Pairings are hardly the main focus, but if you enjoy shipping certain things, as long as it's done ICly in the game, the mod doesn't care WHAT kind of bizarre pairings happen.

So why not check us out?

The Ultimate Chessboard: Chaos Unraveled

Come take part in the eternal struggle.
The Ultimate Chessboard: Chaos Unraveled
Setting Description//Rules//Taken Characters//Character Submission//OOC Community
RP BEGINS April 28th, 2008
But newcomers are always welcome after that date! People who want to join afterwards and are afraid of being overwhelmed and not knowing what's going on - one, that's perfectly fine, since no one's expecting your character to, and two, the moderator will explain the plot up to that point for you if you ask! - don't worry!
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